The conference will be held at EPITA (L’École pour l’informatique et les techniques avancées) on 14-16 Rue Voltaire, 94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre

To orient yourself at any time, a map of the school is available online at the following address. Just type the name of any room to find it.

The conference will take place across several rooms:

  • Amphi 3 (plenary sessions)
  • KB 403 (conference room)
  • KB 404 (conference room)
  • Amphi 0 (for coffee breaks and cocktail)

You can access the site via subway (Line 7 - “Porte d’Italie”), tram (Line 3a - “Porte d’Italie”) or bus (Line 47 - “Roger Salengro - Fontainebleau”). Itineraries can be found on or the RATP app.

Conference dinner

Conference dinner will be held on December 7th at award-winning restaurant Atelier de maître Albert. Situated right across Notre-Dame-de-Paris in a medieval hotel, this venue is 3-starred chef Guy Savoy’s take on old school French restaurants.

UPDATE: Ufortunately, conference dinner is fully booked now; below you can find some suggestions for restaurants that are in the vicinity:

COVID-19 safety policy

At EPITA, all Covid-19 safety measures for events have now been relaxed, in line with the regulation in France. Please just take a moment to read the safety recommendations below.

Participants in our workshops and conferences are encouraged to take a self-test before travelingtravelling to EPITA. SOnce here, self-test kits will beare available upon on request fromto the local organizers; please ask for it for you to test, especially if you are experiencing symptoms that could be related to Covid-19. Masks are optional, Chirurgical masks and hydroalcoholic gel will be provided at the entrance of each conference room.

By attending, you agree to abide by applicable French regulations & safety rules, and to conduct yourself in accordance with any provided instructions. Please refrain from coming to the event or leave promptly if you test positive for COVID-19.

This policy may still change with any new developments. Registrants will be contacted directly if any additional requirements were to be implemented.


We understand the difficulties parents face and are committed to making our event as accessible and inclusive as possible. As such, we would also like to inform attendees that baby-wearing is permitted at the conference provided the conference is not disrupted. We are currently looking into designated breastfeeding spaces at EPITA, please let the organizers know if you would be in need of such space. Organizers can also provide recommendations for childcare providers offsite.

Electric plugs

Electric plugs in use in France are 230V/50 Hz Type C and Type E. They should be compatible with electric systems used in European countries except with the ones used in Cyprus, Ireland and Malta, UK, Switzerland or Denmark, and are not compatible with systems used outside Europe. Depending on your material, you might need an adapter. Please check the standards on Adapters might be difficult to find in local shops close to the conference location, but are easily found at airports or train stations.