Fourth Conference on Computational Humanities Research

December 6-8 2023, École pour l'informatique et les techniques avancées, Paris

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The Computational Humanities Research (CHR) community is an international and interdisciplinary community that supports researchers with an interest in computational approaches to the humanities.

The 2023 edition of the Computational Humanities Research conference will take place on December 6-8, 2023 in Paris at the École pour l’informatique et les techniques avancées. Expect more details about CHR2023 soon!


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Keynote Speakers

We are very honoured and pleased that Richard McElreath, Olivier Morin, and Roberta Sinatra have agreed to give keynote lectures at CHR2023.

Richard McElreathmore_vert
Richard McElreathclose

Richard McElreath is director of the Department of Human Behavior, Culture and Ecology at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig. He is an anthropologist focused on the role of culture in human evolution and adaptation. He also wrote a very popular Bayesian statistics textbook.

Roberta Sinatramore_vert
Roberta Sinatraclose

Roberta Sinatra is Professor in Computational Social Science at the University of Copenhagen and is co-lead of the Pioneer Centre for AI in Denmark. She also holds positions at ITU Copenhagen, ISI Foundation Turin, and CSH Vienna. Her research is at the forefront of network science, data science, and computational social science.

Olivier Morinmore_vert
Olivier Morinclose

Olivier Morin is a CNRS researcher at the Institut Jean Nicod (PSL University,Paris). His research focuses on cultural transmission and its cognitive prerequisites. His book, How Traditions Live and Die (2016), seeks to explain the long-term survival of culturally evolved practices. His more recent work focuses on the cultural evolution of graphic communication – the human ability to transmit information by means of images. His publications span anthropology, cognitive science, and behavioral ecology.